The constant transformation of our productive network due to disruptive technologies, makes that developing strategic projects and initiatives in vocational education and training vital. Updating and aligning VET's priorities with the Basque Country's innovation strategy is essential to generate wealth and well-being, boosting the creation of specialised strategic settings.

The objective of the Department of Innovation applied to strategic settings in Tknika’s Vocational Educational Training is to boost innovation in the business sector. Thus, seeking to develop new skills and attitudes that are necessary for change and transformation, through innovation and entrepreneurial initiative, under the framework of company participation in the learning process.

We establish programmes to encourage actions with the objective to deal with in highly technologically advanced environments. These programmes develop bi-directional transfer through projects with companies to meet their innovative needs and improve their competitiveness, especially for smalland medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). TKgune is the program that develops innovation projects in strategic settings of our productive sector.


In order to update the knowledge base of Vocational Education and Training teachers and students, we develop collaboration projects with SMEs in the area, providing knowledge, resources and facilities from the network of centres to promote innovation.

People from 6 Vocational ducation and Training centres collaborate with Tknika in this working group. The objective is to offer support to the centres in collaborative projects that are part of the TKgune Network, analysing and monitoring the requirements for this.


Support for the creation of businesses: comprehensive advisory service, fully equipped offices and the possibility of using other facilities if the project requires it, such as the centre’s workshops, etc.


This initiative aims to create a community offering services to companies that have emerged over the 10 years during which the Urratsbat programme has been operating: facilitating networking; increasing the “visibility” of the business community; providing information, training and advice; promoting business projects (business development); setting up a marketing place, etc.

5 - ESM (Entrepreneur Support Methodology)

Content training for the implementation of the Urratsbat programme. Aimed at the facilitators so that they acquire the necessary skills to properly carry out their work. The design draws on the experience accumulated over the last 10 years and aims to address requirements for the skills development of the teachers responsible for supporting the entrepreneurs.

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