Applied innovation in strategic settings

The constant transformation of our productive network due to disruptive technologies, means that developing strategic projects and initiatives in the educational system is vital. Updating and aligning our priorities with the Basque Country's innovation strategy is essential to generate wealth and well-being, boosting the creation of specialised strategic environments.

The objective of the Department of Innovation applied to strategic environments in Tknika's Vocational Educational Training is to reinforce teaching ability. Thus, seeking to develop new skills and attitudes that are necessary for change and transformation to be firmly rooted through innovation and entrepreneurial initiative, under the framework of company participation in the learning process.

We establish programmes to encourage actions aimed at meeting needs in highly technologically advanced environments. These programmes facilitate bi-directional transfer and develop collaborations with companies to meet their innovative needs and improve their competitiveness, especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is what we do with TKgune, the network for technological and innovation transfer.

Entrepreneurial initiative plays a fundamental social role in developing transformational ability. Entrepreneurial ability facilitates the creation of business environments that collaborate in developing the economic and social reality around us (creativity, innovation, teamwork, decision-making, initiative, leadership, engagement and determination, negotiation). Programmes such as Urratsbat, Irekin, Ikasenpresa help to spread the entrepreneurial culture amongst teachers, centres and students, and support the creation of companies based on vocational educational training.

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