Innovation projects to enable a transfer of knowledge between VET and SMEs.

This project belongs to: Applied innovation in strategic settings

The TKgune programme is an initiative launched by the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training in the 2014/15 academic year. Public and semi-private schools participating in this initiative have the following objective:

“To provide a bidirectional transfer of knowledge between vocational training centres and companies”

Two main lines of action have been established from TKgune in order to bridge the gap between vocational training and companies:

  • To develop projects in collaboration with companies in order to respond to their innovation requirements and to improve their competitiveness, making use of the resources in place at the centres (installations, equipment, people, accumulated knowledge, etc.) for this end.
  • To transfer the knowledge acquired during the projects development to learn and to make this learner-friendly.

The programme has a dual purpose:

  • To provide vocational training participants a real idea of the world of business.
  • For companies to benefit from the accumulated knowledge gained by schools.

Special emphasis is placed in schools on the capacity to meet the needs of companies, along with underlining the fact that the projects must involve a challenge for teaching staff.

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