To fulfil its role, TKNIKA will be structured around the following areas:

Technological innovation and intelligent systems

We work to make applied research and innovation the backbone of Basque Country’s Vocational Training and reduce the competence gap from the start of an idea or a technology until it is applied in small and medium-sized companies.

Complexity management

We contribute to the fact that the Vocational Training centres of the Basque Country become a reference for the level of excellence in their management and, consequently, for the results achieved.

Learning and high perfomance

We investigate, design and experiment with new learning scenarios that allow us to obtain the maximum potential of the Vocational Training, through the application of formulas in which aspects of management, organization, resources, methodologies and tools are integrated.

Applied innovation in strategic settings

We contribute, in collaboration with all the agents of the Vocational Training system, to the economic and social development of the Basque Country, reinforcing the culture and the entrepreneurial initiative between the students and the teachers of the centres, favoring and promoting their transformation.


We lead the strategy of internationalization of the Basque Country’s Vocational Training, a worldwide reference.

Biosciences and Sustainability

The Basque Country believes in sustainable human growth where society, the environment, culture and economy are interconnected, and not separate.

Who is Who in Tknika

Why this document?

The purpose of this document is to provide options for contacting people who work in Tknika.