Complexity management

The Mission of the Continuous Improvement Department is to contribute to the Basque Vocational Training System's excellence, supporting centres in their development and in reaching their objectives.

We have identified three priority needs within the scope of management at the centres:

Facilitating the analysis, prioritisation and definition of improvement plans in regards to transformations taking place at VET centres (new strategies, new organisational structures to roll them out, new processes, new versions of ISO standards, EFQM model, new managers).

Support in managing generational replacement: changing key positions to manage centres, risk of losing knowledge for the system in general and for each centre in particular, knowledge management, management training for new managers.

Support in innovation and improvement for centres and their management.

The blog tklitatea serves us to keep alive the communication with our centers, and to share with society the work that, in collaboration with them, we do in the field of the improvement of the quality of management.

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