The fourth industrial revolution requires us to transform VET institutions into smart organisations.

This means that the department must define this new sort of centre, study the creation of value in them, specify the role of the people who form a part of them, encourage creation of knowledge throughout the entire organisation, technology use, internal and external collaborative networks, the role of management teams at this new sort of centre, and the training they require to do their work.

Change management models in schools through new organisational structures towards smart organisations that manage the complexity they face on a day-to-day basis.

1 - Innovation Management
In this field, we work on Applied Innovation at VET Centres through Innovation Routines. To this end, we work the following areas: awareness, observation, project portfolio and project exploitation.
2 - Change Management
In this area we are working on a pilot model with the centres in order to achieve intelligent organisations that are able to anticipate the changing needs of the environment.
3 - Continuous Improvement
In this field we work with an advanced management model based on Lean culture and continuous improvement, providing Lean tools to facilitate the implementation of agile management systems.
4 - Confidence Management
In this field, we work on managing confidence of people and teams who are part of the Centres to tackle the changes facing VET Centres. With this aim, we work on issues such as satisfaction, motivation, commitment, shared success to work on a shared project, etc.
5 - Knowledge Management
In this field, we will address how to handle knowledge management at a VET Centre, applying strategic, operative and collaborative focuses.
6 - Information and Communication Management
In this field, we tackle issues such as Big Data, Competitive Intelligence, Futurology and Shared Technology Watch.
Thus, from this area, we promote intelligent organisations in the different areas of the same to achieve a system of innovation and new management systems.

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