Innovation Management Model

This project belongs to: Complexity management

This initiative has a two-fold objective:

1.- To design and apply an Innovation Management Model at Vocational Education and Training centres that is based on establishing “innovation routines” (to observe and manage opportunities, to develop initiatives and for application and dissemination). These routines will be based on designing (co-creation) and “cultivation) of Practise Communities, as well as their interconnection.
2.- Re-invent the “TknikaInnova” Innovation Management Model, using the “innovation routine” focus to adapt it to organisational changes and changes in the orientation of Tknika’s activity (going from an Innovation Centre to an Applied Research Centre).


  1. Filing the Innovation Routine
  2. Awareness
  3. Observation
  4. Compaction of signals
  5. Introduction to Signal Compaction
  6. Signal Grouping
  7. Compaction of signals “general triptych”
  8. Compaction of Signals: “signal sorting!
  9. Mix of Signal
  10. Adaptation to the Environment
  11. Project Definition
  12. Portfolio
  13. project performance
  14. Innovation monitoring

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