Entrepreneurial teachers

This project belongs to: Applied innovation in strategic settings


The objective of the Irekin Initiative is to create an Entrepreneurial and Innovative VT Ecosystem in Euskadi where we ” seek out entrepreneurial teachers at entrepreneurial centres to make entrepreneurial students.”

Our objective is therefore for students to be employable, entrepreneurial and intraentrepreneurial, up close with the economic reality surrounding us. But to do, teachers must be prepared and act as a model or point of reference for students.


With this objective, we have drawn up a training itinerary with different stages, working on the entrepreneurial initiative with teachers to take action at VT centres in an entrepreneurial and innovative way. Said training action is made up of six stages, and with some of them, we have teachers who are already working as entrepreneurs at our centres. To find this collective, a contest on Good Practises at the Centre was announced, in order to identify and disseminate good practises that are already being carried out and that act as an example for other teachers.

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