EFQM-Tknika: Event Good Practices

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Yesterday, June 24th, an event organized jointly with EFQM was held in Tknika

The aim was to present the work developed to promote the use of the EFQM-Hobbide Excellence Model in the organization itself and in the Vocational Education and Training Centers of the Basque Country, and some good practices identified.

The agenda was as follows:

Brief presentation of EFQM
Tknika:Our challenge and how we work
Facilitation of the TkGune (Innovation for  SMEs) service from Tknika
Management good practices in the CIFP Usurbil LHII
Some key results of Tknika
Identification of improvement aspects through a collaborative activity among the participants

The day was attended by around 35 representatives from different centers and it is remarkable the good climate of collaboration between them.