SMALEI partners were at Tknika

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On May 15-16, partners in the SMALEI – A Sustainability Matrix for Adult Learning and Education (ALE) project met in Tknika, for the third partners’ meeting.

After traveling as sustainably as possible and for two days, partners discussed the progress of the workbook of the Matrix, a guide to collaboratively using the Sustainability Matrix. The design and content of the draft of the workbook have been developed by Glokala, doing a remarkable job. The workbook is gathering the piloting experiences from all partners, a work in progress for all organisations.

In the meeting,  partners proposed improvements to obtain a useful workbook to help ALE institutions carry out the SMALEI-Matrix self-assessment test, which is hosted on

In addition, the partnership detailed the timeline for the next work package: Policy and Awareness Raising. The next months will be quite challenging for the partnership as they will have to coordinate to achieve several interesting deliverables and prepare for the final meeting event in Brussels in February 2025.

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