Sustainability matrix for adult education institutions

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A fully sustainable future depends on a culture emerging from an engaged and informed citizenry committed to a green, safe, and economically thriving society, which can only be achieved through a deep and reflexive learning process being animated in all educational and lifelong learning domains.

This project will imagine and support processes to allow the adult sector to participate in a collaborative process that reaches citizens 16+ years, in a range of learning contexts, in all ages, genders and the multiplicity of identities that shape contemporary European society.

All partners involved feel there is the urgency to systematically develop the adult education institutions’ work towards sustainability of the sector and its involvement in societal transformation. The need for a holistic and systematic approach is what the project can really contribute with, along with inspiration from methodological practices highlighted during the development of the matrix and its piloting.


  • To increase the awareness of ALE providers and organisations on the need to improve their sustainability policies and practices
  • To enhance the cooperation of ALE institutions with other environmental-engaged organisations
  • To foster the involvement of ALE institutions within their communities to fight climate change
  • To increase the capacity of trainers and staff in making ALE institutions more sustainable
  • To enhance learners’ capabilities in acting towards a more sustainable society

Project partners:

  • EAEA (BE)
  • VHS-Verband Baden Württemberg (DE)
  • YUVA (TK)
  • STOP- NGO Trainers’ Association (PL)
  • Basque country (ES)

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