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The report “Creativity – a transversal skill for lifelong learning. An overview of existing concepts and practices” of the European Commission cites the high-performance cycles (ETHAZI) learning model as an approach that has been adopted so far and allows a deep-dive into the elements that characterize initiatives aimed at fostering creativity as a transversal skill.

This mention is part of the work carried out in FP Euskadi to ensure that students develop not only specialized technical skills, but also transversal skills, including creativity, due to the growing evidence of the benefits of creativity.

The report describes ETHAZI as a “learning model designed to develop processes for learning and rolling out support systems for innovative learning models in VET, activate and spark people’s ability to be agile about problem-solving, and respond to local and future skill needs”.

The authors of the report are Milda Venckutė, Iselin Berg Mulvik and Bill Lucas and you can access the full study at this link.