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Students from different Vocational Training centers participate in the TRINITY TECH, a Startup Challenge organized by Eywa Space in collaboration with Campus 42 Urduliz Fundación Telefónica.

The aim of this initiative is to bring together ideas, talent and above all, attitude to create technology startups linked to disruptive technologies such as Extended Reality or XR.

During these three days of training, entrepreneurs work in small groups with professional mentors and receive help to design and develop their business model, and take the first steps of the minimum viable product. In short, the idea is to bring out the full potential of the participants.

We talked to them to tell us about their experience.

What led you to participate in Trinitech Urduliz 42?

In the case of Efrén Ojeda, from CPES NAZARET BHIP, “to get out of my comfort zone, to live experiences that would help me grow and develop as a person, and above all to learn from others, were the reasons why I decided to participate in the hackathon. I thought that it is not very common to have this type of experience and I had to take advantage of it.”

For his part, Carmelo Mbomi, also from CPES NAZARET BHIP, tells us that he participated because he wanted to experience new experiences and test himself.

What challenges have you encountered at Trinitech?

Iñigo Madariaga from CPES CEINPRO BHIP, has it clear; as usually happens in group work, friction arises and our case was no different. Taking the team forward while taking into account the ideas of all his colleagues was not easy. The mentors also became a challenge; convincing them that the idea we had was a good one was not an easy task.

For Adrián Pop, from CIFP MENDIZABALA LHII, the most difficult thing was “to create in 48 hours a startup about the categorization of fruit and vegetables with the help of artificial intelligence”.

What is your assessment of your experience at Trinitech?

Iñigo Madariaga from CPES CEINPRO BHIP tells us that they were hard days, with a lot of work and little sleep, but the experience was good. I learned a lot of things about the world of entrepreneurship and besides that, the most complete idea we were carrying came back. She agrees with Adel Khlebnikova, from CPES NAZARET BHIP, who underlines the difficulty of combining rest and work during those three days, since the space was the same.

Adrián Pop, from CIFP MENDIZABALA LHII, tells us that for him it has been one of the best experiences, since I met many new people, and above all I met several associations where I could go the day I set up my own startup.

In this sense, for Carmelo Mbomi, from CPES NAZARET BHIP, it has also been a very valuable experience, and what he takes away from Urduliz is that no matter the challenge, if you put your mind to it, you can do it.

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