Applying Lean in Ethazi

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This 2016-17 year  a specific working group for the Middle Degree Cycle (EQF level 3) has been created in Tknika. The main objective of this team is “To design and to experiment, with innovating educational approaches and activities, innovations in the implantation of ETHAZI cycles in these cycles, taking into account the experiences of ETHAZI and LEAN in them”.The main idea is to integrate both concepts (Ethazi and Lean) in the classroom to improve students and teachers performance and thereby improve the results of the middle grade cycles.
Two areas of Tknika (Area of ​​Research of Methods and Processes of Learning and Area of ​​Continuous Improvement) and six VET centers (Easo, Maristak, LSB, Miguel Altuna, Otxarkoaga and Usurbil) are taking part in this team. These centers have experience in both Ethazi and Lean in Middle Degree Cycle (EQF level 3), which allows us to adjust the models to their specific needs. We hope to obtain a design settled to the specific characteristics of these groups.
The next steps have been taken:
1. Identify the needs of Middle Degree Cycle (EQF level 3) students (instrumental, soft and technical skills

2. Design of Location for Challenges with which, in addition to including technical learning results, allows us to detect / analyze / diagnose the characteristics of the students in order to design and plan the individualized learning of each student in the following challenges.

The next milestones will be:

  1. Validation of the criteria and characteristics to be taken into account in the Location Challenge.
  2. Validation of the Location Challenges proposed by the centers.
  3. Define  the design guidelines for Location Challenge, teacher format.
  4. Share in Biltegi Digitala the challenges and the methodological tools proposed.
  5. Design of the following challenges based on the diagnosis
  6. Transference day of the done work to the centers.