AIRINVET: Training course in Hamburg

 In Internationalisation

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This week, Tknika had the privilege of actively participating in the AIRinVET project training course, together with the German Hanse-Parlament Berufliche Hochschule Hamburg (BHH), and the Dutch KATAPULT. During this enlightening three-day training course, we worked hand in hand with the group of dedicated teachers from the Basque Country @don Bosco, @tartanga @armeriaeskola @Zulaibar and @Easo, Dutch delegation ISSO kennisinstituut bouw- en installatietechniek and KATALPULT, the German Hanse-Parlament and Berufliche Hochschule Hamburg (BHH).

It has been an enriching week, gaining insights into different European collaboration models between vocational training and companies, and laying the groundwork for the future of applied innovation in vocational training in Europe.

We sincerely appreciate everyone for the warm welcome and collaboration. It has been a genuine pleasure to be part of this experience. #appliedinnovation #vocationaleducation #collaboration #AIRinVETtraining

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