AIRinVET experience at the Forum on Excellence in Vocational Training 2023 in Amsterdam

 In Internationalisation

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On September 26th, 2023, the Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023 was conducted in Amsterdam ( Together with the projects MOSAIC and Barcove AIRinVET we had been shared our experience in terms of Research in a comprehensive Workshop. We had shown the lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid for newcomers while working with applied research methods. Followed questions we discussed with nearly 30 vocational Experts:

  1. How to bring together universes that are not used to work together (Research / Education / Business),
  2. How to establish a common understanding of the Research expectations among a wide diversity of partners?
  3. How to get in touch with companies to collect suitable information for a skills gap analysis?

In order to gather all the information we used a serious game approach and collected experiences the participants had with applied research.
For more information see our Presentation slides. 2023-09-27-cove-forum-ws3


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