Remote sensing with drones for precision agriculture

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On Wednesday, 13th of March 13; a meeting was held in Tknika, with the aim of publicizing the work done in the field of remote sensing with drones.

On the one hand, the steps that must be taken to carry out a study related to precision agriculture were shown by Dani Tena from CIFP Bidasoa LHII. On the other hand, Manuel Valbuena from the IES Murgia BHI and Fernando Izaga from the IES Arkaute Nekazaritza BHI; presented the work carried out during the last two years in the forestry and agrarian sector, respectively.

Thanks to the contributions of the various speakers, a general overview of the work carried out to date in relation to the field of remote sensing was shared with the attending teaching staff; and in this way the necessary bases were strengthened to be able to take the next steps in this field.