Virtual Environments

Applying Virtual Reality in training.

This project belongs to: Technological innovation and intelligent systems

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already familiar technologies that are here to stay. Even so, they haven’t stopped evolving, improving viewing and movement-tracking systems. Now we’ve started talking about the next step: Mixed Reality, where virtual and real elements “go hand-in-hand,” interacting between both realities, melding them into one.

Our primary objective with this project is to discover and master the technologies behind this reality, and add them to Vocational Educational Training curricula, so that all technicians are prepared to take advantage of the benefits provided by these technologies in their respective sectors.

On the other hand, we must also recognise another aspect we find in using these devices as tools for learning, which is the huge impact they have on the user, providing highly realistic experiences. Thanks to this, we can simulate all kinds of machinery, processes and situations that would otherwise be impossible for the student to experience with the required safety, acting to truly accelerate learning.

We work with Hololens as the most evolved mixed-reality tool and seek virtual reality simulators and design other new ones that can provide enriching teaching-learning experiences for all vocational families.

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