BILT - Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET

This project belongs to: Internationalisation

The ambition of the BILT project is to enable exchange of experiences and peer learning across the UNEVOC Network in the thematic areas of greening, digitalization/industry 4.0, entrepreneurship and migration. A fifth work stream addresses how new qualifications and competencies find their way into practice.

BILT goals are:

  • To exchange on innovative practices and how TVET systems address their integration
  • To activate the European Cluster of the UNEVOC Network through collaboration in innovation and learning bridges
  • To identify the pathways and examples to include new qualifications and competencies which are needed for modern, competitive TVET systems and attractive career paths
  • To create opportunities and identify potentials to bridge innovation and learning experiences between Europe, Africa and Asia

The project addresses five thematic areas;

  • Greening TVET; responding to new societal demands and development paradigms for sustainable development, reduced environmental impact and moving towards a greener economy and society
  • Entrepreneurship in TVET; unlocking the potential of innovative entrepreneurial activities and fostering entrepreneurial culture
  • Digitalization/Industry 4.0; providing response to new skills demands, as technology has permeated the world of work and is changing the profile of jobs
  • Migration and TVET; accelerating the integration of migrant workers into their host communities, and allowing them to become productive members of the workforce, and helping to identify TVET interventions and opportunities to reduce migration pressure whether migration is driven by displacement due to conflict, climate change or employment
  • New Qualifications and Competencies in TVET; identifying examples and case studies of how new qualifications and competencies are put into practice, ensuring future-oriented, attractive TVET career paths and contributing to a competitive economy

Tknika will be participating in the different streams.

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