Design, manufacture, validation and applications of Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber parts.

This project belongs to: Technological innovation and intelligent systems

There is a considerable growth in the use of composites, particularly carbon fiber reinforced plastics, in the materials sector and it is expected that this trend will continue growing in the next years. Carbon fiber was originally developed for the space and aeronautics industry, then spreading to other fields such as the transport, wind energy, marine, top-level sport, construction fields and even in aesthetic products. One of the reasons behind the use of this material is its high level of mechanical performance, thanks to its lightness, thus ensuring a reduction in the amount of energy consumed. Another reason is the lower costs suffered by this raw material.
At Tknika we are rolling out projects related to the design, the simulation, the manufacturing processes and the validation of fiber glass and carbon fiber parts. We are interested in acquiring knowledge of these technologies with the aim of including them in vocational training in the Basque Country:

  • the design and simulation by finite elements through specific programmes for composite materials, such as FEMAP and PAM COMPOSITES;
  • preparation of models and moulds for attaining parts;
  • the different manufacturing processes: manual vacuum or non-vacuum-lamination, infusion, SMC/BMC, RTM, prepreg, etc.
  • the materials: thermoplastic and thermoset resins, synthetic and natural fibers, light structural cores, …
  • finishing, machining, joint and adhesive operations, etc.
  • characterisation and validation testing;
  • the manufacture of parts for different sectors and in accordance with specific customer requirements.

All of this alongside working with the different vocational training schools and collaborating with technology centers, universities and local companies, thus promoting the use of these materials in the Basque industry.

Some videos about specific projects that we have been developped at Tknika:


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