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The BIM methodology is not mandatory in Europe, however, the European Parliament issued DIRECTIVE 2014/24 / EU of the European Parliament and Council of February 26, 2014, urging the 28 countries of the Union to implement the BIM methodology in all those public financing construction projects.

Based on this directive, in August 2015, the Ministry of Public Works created the “BIM Committee”, which establishes a roadmap that will make the use of BIM mandatory for all public bids in two phases: December 17, 2018 Public Tenders for Construction, expanding on July 26, 2019 for Public Tenders for Infrastructures.

For these and many more reasons it is necessary to train with BIM technology, in all those Vocational Training specialties that can benefit from this new work process and all that it implies. We want to continue offering a BIM generalist training in a transversal way to each specialty within the sectors of construction, infrastructure and facilities and at the same time complete it separately with the BIM competences.

Course 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 course has been devoted to different lines of work related to BIM methodology:

  • Organisation and Control of Work: Different work software that serve for the implementation of the BIM methodology in the cycles of Organisation and Control of Work have been analysed, reflecting it in a document.
  • Facilities Management and Maintenance: Work has been carried out on the possibility of using CMMS linked to the models worked on in BIM.
  • Virtual Reality and collaborative BIM: The potential of the collaborative BIM methodology must be reflected in the different technologies used, beyond computers. To this end, we have worked on the use of Virtual Reality in a collaborative way, which allows us to enter BIM models simultaneously with VR glasses, maintaining the BIM parameters of the original model. A document has been drafted to explain the procedure.

Course 2022-2023

The 2022-2023 course is aimed from a more general perspective of organising a collaborative work process, allowing workflows, communication between different work teams, organisation of the project in the cloud, document control, etc.


2019-2020 BIM project


Video: BIM (Building Information Modeling). Teknopolis program. 2019-2020

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