Competences Assessment

This project belongs to: Internationalisation


With the aim of contributing to the EU’s objectives within the scope of transversal competence assessment, the milestones we have set forth for the European project Compassess are as follows:

  • To establish a European network made up of recognised organisations that already have a solid foundation in the transversal competence field, who have made achievements in assessment methodologies to share the best experiences in this field.
  • To identify good practises to propose methodologies or tools to be implemented in Europe in vocational training systems.
  • To develop roll-out and assessment plans.
  • To present new proposals and recommendations on methodologies and tools to assess competences to educational authorities to promote applying them in the European VET system.

One of the project’s objectives consists of defining a strategy to create and operate the Network.  Cases of good practises and the definition of methodologies are carried out with four workshops, wherein partners interact.

Based on the results of the workshops, good practise documents are drawn up. These documents are crucial to make recommendations to EU political authorities managing VT systems.

To present the project’s results and to establish the Network, a final conference will be held in the Basque Country (Tknika) next 24 November.

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