Learning to use the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) tool to identify value-added activities for the customer.

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Today, March 13, the training event “workshop VSM for process managers” was carried out  in Iurreta.

Around 12  teachers from various VET centres in the Basque Country have taken part in this activity, most of them  Initial Training or Job Training process managers.

This workshop aims to give knowledge about the practical use of the VSM tool to analyze process activities and their mutual interactions, determining those that add value to the customer and pointing out the inefficiencies or wastage generated.

Throughout the morning, a number of practical activities have been addressed,  some of them as significant as the identification of the activity/problem, the stages needed to apply the VSM method, the treatment of the outcomes of the VSM analysis, the application of the most suitable LEAN tools and the improvement plans resulting to work later in the schools as work for the non-face stage.

Shortly we will proceed to repeat this session for those people who may be interested in using this tool.

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