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Today, 30 January, the conference “Introduction to LEAN Management” was carried out  in Iurreta.

Around 20 teachers from various VET centres in the Basque Country have taken part in this activity

Thereby, we have developed aspects of management as the origin of the Lean culture, its grounds and basic concepts,  we have analyzed some examples and have presented and analyzed different tools with examples of applications as well.

After this we have worked the 5s approach for the management of indicators and the criteria that can be used for it (necessary-unnecessary…)

The issue of the difficulties that an organization can find in the process of implementing this approach has also been addressed with the representatives of Tknika. With the active participation of all the participants, different questions and reasonable doubts have been analyzed and solved.

Throughout the morning, practical activities related with the internalization and consolidation  of all these theoretical concepts have been developed.

Shortly we will proceed to repeat this session for those people who may be interested in addressing this area of management.

Be alert …

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