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Through the ​​4.0 Values project, we intend to integrate ​​training in values into the vocational training cycles of Basque Vocational Training. In this way, the students of our cycles will develop, in addition to the technical competencies characteristic of their professional family and the personal and social competencies that we train through our own learning model, a solid ethical base as individuals and professionals.

The training journey proposed by the project works on these three blocks:

  1. The principle of responsibility and the importance of individual responsibility to arrive at the idea of ​​collective responsibility.
  2. The 4.0 Values ​​of Basque Vocational Training: solidarity, inclusion, initiative, and interdependence.
  3. The three criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility: Good governance/ethics, environment, and society.

Each course we invite a company from our environment to tell us about how they are transforming their company to integrate the criteria of Social Responsibility and meet the goals proposed in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, SDG, Sustainable Development Goals. This school year we had Mondragon Corporation that offered the Master Class ‘Contribution of Companies to Society’ at Tolosaldea VET Center for all basque VET students who were able to follow the event via the internet. Training our students in these criteria is preparing them to collaborate in the creation of a more sustainable and more humane future.

In order to reach students, teachers’ training is essential. The teaching staff must understand the training path in values that the project proposes, in order to integrate it into their challenges and classroom dynamics and incorporate the view in values ​​in their day-to-day activity. With this objective, we organize from the Learning and High-Performance Area of Tknika an active, collaborative, and experiential training of 50 hours in which the participating teachers design a plan for the integration of values in their training cycle. A total of 121 teachers have participated in the training organized so far by Tknika.

In addition, we continue to accompany teachers who are already incorporating values ​​in their training cycles. This year we have held several meetings where the teachers have generously shared what they are doing. By sharing and discussing ideas as a team we learn and advance together.

During this course 2020 – 2021 a total of 29 centers are participating in the project. The involvement and commitment of the teaching staff is being key so that this formative journey in values ​​reaches the new generation of changemaker professionals.

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