EUPiH – 4th learning event in the Basque Country

 In Biosciences and Sustainability, Internationalisation

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The fourth and last learning event of the “European Partnership in Hydroponics” Erasmus + KA 210 project has been organized by Tknika (November 7 to 11). There were representatives from Roskilde Tekniske College, SUSP, NTI Vetenskapsgymnasiet Helsinborg and Gavle and EfVET.
After Iñigo Araiztegi and Amaia Sastre made presentations on the Technology organization and the Biosciences and Sustainability field, they began to visit the field’s infrastructure. After seeing the laboratories in the field, the operation of the Aquaponia greenhouse and fish farm was explained and they were informed about the current state of the project: which species and varieties of plants and animals are grown, the types of tests, the types of practices carried out in collaboration with schools, the relationship with hospitality schools…
In this conference, our collaborators had the opportunity to meet the Fraisoro and Derio Agricultural Schools. The teachers and principals of the schools in Fraisoro and Derio learned about the skills acquired by the students in the Middle and High Cycles of the two agricultural vocational schools and the job opportunities they have in the cycles.


In addition, the hydroponic greenhouses of local farmers have been visited. On one side, Alberro’s farm in Urnieta and on the other side, Mari Jose Baltasar’s in Adun. In the Alberro greenhouse, a heating system is used to grow varieties of tomatoes and peppers, as well as a lighting system, thanks to which the plants are able to produce fruit all year round, bearing the Eusko Label seal. There are greenhouses for intensive lettuce production in Adun, where a continuous harvest is obtained, guaranteeing fresh produce from several stores.