This project belongs to: Internationalisation

Climate change has had and will have great impact on food production around the world. Growing crops the traditional way in the same geographical locations won’t be possible. We need to rethink the idea about gardening and farming. To teach young people about HYDROPONICS will therefore be crucial to safeguard the production of food of tomorrow.

What does the partnership want to achieve by implementing the project?

  • Increase the knowledge of how to create a hydroponic lab at the basic level
  • Increase knowledge of what digital tools to use teaching hydroponic cultivation, cooperative projects and smart remote working
  • Establish a long term European partnership in hydroponics

What activities is the partnership going to carry out?

  1. Conduct Learning activity Buidling a hydroponic lab
  2. Cond. Learn activ. Hydroponic gardening
  3. Cond. Learn. activ. Hydroponic farming & entrepreneurship
  4. Cond. Learn. activ. Scientific and digital components in hydroponics
  5. Cond. the digital workshop for learners
  6. Cond. Digital Forums


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