The aim of this course is to transfer the work done during the last two years in the area of specialization of composites. It is a course for basque TVET teachers about composite parts manufacturing processes: RTM light and Thermoplastic composites (Organosheet) manufacturing processes.

Duration: 20.00 hours
Place: TKNIKA and Lea Artibai
People availability: 8 people
Language: Bilingual: Basque, Spanish
15,0005-07-202109:00-14:00In presence
25,0007-07-202109:00-14:00In presence
35,0008-07-202109:00-14:00In presence
Not in presence: 5


The objective is to achieve the following capabilities:

- To know the main characteristics and applications of composite materials (especially continuous fiber reinforced plastics, carbon, glass or natural fiber).

- Analysis and practice of the RTM ligth manufacturing process: process simulation, mold characteristics and part manufacturing process.

- Knowledge of the manufacturing process of thermoplastic composites.

- Application of health and safety standards in the handling of composite materials.


Session 1: ON-LINE

Composites: general concepts 

Sessions 2 and 3: July 5 and 7, in person at Tknika (Errenteria).

2. RTM process: control panel case study

 RTM light process.

 2.2 Importance of design and simulation.

 2.3 RTM mold fabrication

Session 4: July 8th, presential Lea Artibai (Markina)

3. Transformation process of thermoplastic composites, Organosheet


An initial theoretical section will be worked on-line. Afterwards, there will be a face-to-face section with theoretical and practical explanations and workshop practices.


The following criteria will be taken into account for the evaluation:

  • Completion of 90% of the training hours.



  • Be a teacher at a Vocational Training center in the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • To be a teacher of the professional families of Mechanical Manufacturing, Automotive and/or Chemistry.

Selection process

If the number of registrations exceeds the number of places offered, the selection will be made taking into account the following criteria:

  • The order of registration will be taken into account.
  • Priority will be given to the participation of one person per center and professional family.

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This training action may be co-financed by the European Social Fund, within the framework of the actions aimed at training Vocational Education and Training teachers.