Bridge + 3. Project Meeting – Östersund


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Bridge + Project 3rd meeting was  held in Östersund last week. It was dedicated to review the state of the art of the project and to analyze the «Report on Balancing of Individuals and Skills Management». The presentation made by Kees Shuur, from the Foundation European Centre for Valuation of Prior Learning, was of high interest and generated the active participation and the exchange of criteria among project partners.

The experience developed in Sweden by Gunnar Elmroth, of the IUCZ Group, was welcome by the attendees to the meeting since it is a good practice on how to work with and attract the attention of companies on issues related to the management of professional skills in environments affected by the globalization, digitalization, 4.0 technologies and  the current social movements.

Peter Härtel and Michaela Marterer, from STVG, Styria, Austria, told us what the contents of the «Report on Instruments for Building up Regional Skills Development Groups» should be like, from their point of view. This will be one of the topics on which we will be working on the next dates.

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