Bridge + 2nd Meeting – San Sebastian


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Bridge + project 2nd meeting on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, at Tknika premises in San Sebastian.

Welcome by  Rikar Lamadrid, Director of Advanced Learnings and Technologies of the Viceministry of VET of the Basque Government and Rosario Díaz de Cerio, Head of Services at the Directorate of Advanced Learnings and Technologies.

State of play BRIDGE+ project activities and update project management

Update on BRIDGE+ communication and dissemination activities.

WP3: Study and handbook on existing technology for competence balancing of individuals and skills management in companies. Kees Schuur, Foundation European Centre Valuation Prior Learning

Regional input I – Anticipating future skills in the Basque Country. and Regional input II – Cooperation of regional stakeholders, companies and others on future skills. by Bittor Arias, Tknika

Think tank session: Digital skills-based guidance including multiple actors – How could a role model for a technical solution look like?

WP 4: Technical feasibility study on a digital infrastructure for regional skills development. Rolf Ackermann, Ministerium für Kultus, Jugend und Sport Baden-Württemberg.

WP 5: Regional communication, cooperation and coordination groups including policy paper with recommendations on regional skills development groups. Michaela Marterer and Peter Härtel, SVG, Styria.

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