USWE Project 2. Meeting -Turku

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In Turku, Finland, at the headquarters of the University of Applied Sciences, Turku AMK, the members of the USWE project met for the second time. USWE deals with the Update of the  Workforce’s Skills in the Shipbuilding and Sip Repair Sector in Europe.

We analyzed the two research reports that we had done, during the previous months, on the State of the Art of the Skills Management in the Shipbuilding Sector and on the Forecast of Trends and Challenges that Industry 4.0 technologies are going to generate  in the coming years.

In addition to the classic issues of Quality Management and Dissemination, and based on previous researchs, we planned the analysis that we will develop in order to identify the new skills and new profiles needs in this sector.

We also prepared the last details of the Workshop with experts from the sector that we had planned to carry out at the headquarters of the Maritime Forum of Finland, the following day. A large number of people had already committed their assistance to this event.

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