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Training offer – IKAS AUKERAK

This 2022/2023 academic year we offer a wide range of IKAS AUKERAK with the aim of getting closer and better to the practical needs of the centers in the process of implementing the collaborative learning Model based on challenges.

What for and how are we going to do it?

On the 7th of this month we have announced the training offer, the IKAS AUKERAK, which will be launched throughout this course. The IKAS AUKERAK are aimed at the group of teachers in the VT system and their general objective is to help advance in the implementation of the collaborative learning Model based on challenges.

Objectives of Learning and high performance area for the 2022/2023 course

We make progress in the evolution of the Model and its implementation

In total, for the entire set of lines of work in the area, a total of 54 IKAS AUKERA are planned for some 1,500 places. The IKAS AUKERAK will be offered throughout the course and each center, through the learning coordinators (IK), will be able to guide the participation of the teaching staff in them according to the pace of implementation of the Model in the center. In addition, aware of the possible specific needs in certain centers, the possibility of carrying out some IKAS AUKERAK on demand is left open.

With the aim of increasing the effectiveness in the practical implementation of the Model, the formats of the IKAS AUKERAK have also been diversified: in addition to courses with a traditional format, we offer practical workshops in face-to-face and online synchronous scenarios, workshops with a “flipped classroom” format , asynchronous and synchronous pills online, etc. The objective is to propose different training scenarios to better adjust, both in time and in format, to the needs of the teaching teams.

With the same idea of increasing the effectiveness in the implementation of the Model, each IKAS AUKERA contemplates a target audience. Those ideas are reflected in this image. If you click on it you will access additional information.

The whole training offer

The offer extends throughout the 2022/2023 academic year

To analyze in more depth, through the following links you can access the supply forecast for each line of work.


ETHAZI Initiation ELU in the school EOP Values 4.0
Assessment STEAM Creative thinking Entrepreneurship


The specific information of each IKAS AUKERA will be announced in two ways: on the one hand, on the Tknika website, in the specific call, on a date close to the corresponding IKAS AUKERA, and on the other hand through the IKs of the centers through the collaboration channel that we are using.
We are already underway and we hope to contribute, with this training proposal, to the competence enrichment of the FP Euskadi teaching teams.