Summary of Webinar: Ethics for the use of AI in the educational field

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On February 23, the Webinar: Ethics for the use of AI in the educational field was held. The session was organized by Tknika and had the collaboration of experts whose interventions are detailed below.

The session began with a brief introduction about what Tknika is and what our mission and values are. With whom we have been working for years to make it a benchmark for innovation at a European level.

After which, Karen Troiano from SpainAI gave us an introduction to AI. She also spoke about the importance of data processing and the various uses and applications that can be given to AI in different fields.

Subsequently, Iñaki Suarez from BAIC highlighted the importance of data as fuel for AI, but also mentioned the problems that can arise due to biases and how they can be addressed to try to avoid them.

This was followed by a joint presentation by Juan Manuel Belloto, Rosa Romero and Francisco Luque from OdiseIA, who spoke about the most ethical aspects in the educational field. During the presentation, the principles of an AIED Project (acronym for Artificial Intelligence in Education) and the challenges we face in this field were mentioned.

Finally, Alfonso Amor, tenured professor of the Junta de Extremadura, shared a use case used for the selection of degree candidates in enrollment periods.

After the individual presentations, a joint round table was held in which all the speakers had the opportunity to respond to the questions raised by the attendees.

In summary, the webinar highlighted the importance of AI and data processing, but also underlined the ethical challenges organizations face in its implementation and use in different fields, especially education.

The session was recorded and a link will appear shortly for viewing in this post.

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