Vocational Education and Training International Basque Campus

This project belongs to: Internationalisation


The International Basque Vocational Training Campus provides advanced training to students, teachers and management teams from different countries that want to further the knowledge they gained in their own country.

Being able to receive training within one of the best vocational training systems in the world provides obvious added value and would be highly helpful in making students employable.

With the VETIBAC Campus, it is TKNIKA’s task to aid Basque companies abroad to train youth or workers from said countries, helping to improve their professional and personal competences.

In addition to training actions and participation in international networks, VETIBAC works on assessing institutions from other countries in carrying out vocational training systems.

As a result of the internationalisation strategy, with the Vocational Education and Training International Basque Campus, we are carrying out projects in different countries.



Technical Scholarships for Chile. Training for six and nine months for 100 students. Annual.
Technical Scholarships for Chile. Three-month training for 30 teachers. Annual.
University of Santiago de Chile. Designing an international master’s degree along with the University of Haaga Helia of Helsinki.
University of Santiago de Chile. Assessment in creating a new technological Institute and a training plan for teachers.
DUOC University. Teacher Training Plan.
University Federico Santa Maria. Teacher Training Plan.
University de la Frontera. Teacher Training Plan.



Assessment in creating a vocational training centre and a Teacher Training Plan.



Assessment in creating the University of Soroti. Equipping workshops, curriculum and Teacher Training Plan.



Teacher Training Plan.



Strategic collaboration plan with South Central College.



Pilot project to Train workers for Basque Country companies.


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