Uses of food industry by-products in the production of animal feed

This project belongs to: Biosciencies and sustainability

40 million tons of food is consumed per year worldwide. This amount is forecast to double by 2050. According to FAO data (2011-2015), loss of material along the entire food chain (products) on a global level represents 7.354 million tons per year, 4.980 million of which correspond to the products from the food industry.

At Tknimeal project we are taking advantage of the potential offered by food byproducts rich in proteins, nutrients, flavours, etc. for the development of new value products for the food ingredients, feed and fertilizer market, using innovative drying processes, based on pulse combustion technology

Agro-food byproducts are environmentally and logistically problematic as well as leading to administration costs for businesses. However, we at Tknimeal are well aware that what this essentially entails is a rich source of raw material to be converted into new value products, thereby generating interesting business opportunities in the sector.