Uses of paper industry sludge in the production of new market products

This project belongs to: Biosciencies and sustainability

Paper sludge poses a huge environmental problem all around the world, causing production companies huge logistical costs and payments for dumping fees. Up until now, there have not been many initiatives to reuse the sludge to obtain new products with value, so providing a solution is a priority right now.

Paper sludge is 3.2% of total industrial waste production in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. This may seem like a small figure initially, but if we analyse the production volume in tonnes per year, the figure would be 312,063.

Tknikal is a project aiming to deal with paper sludge by producing new products of value. We have been identifying different kinds of sludge for quite some time, so we can discover which ones have the best characteristics to be used in mineral fertilisers.  With this focus, the starting-point idea consists of extracting Calcium from all the paper sludge to be used in fertiliser products, and to use the cellulose fibres to make panels for many different kinds of use.

In short, Tknikal is turning a problem into an opportunity.