A Regional Approach to Innovation for VET and Learning Communities

This project belongs to: Internationalisation

Vocational training centres, and in general, most SMEs do not have tools or systems to manage innovation properly. Their management systems are more focused on day-to-day tasks than creating time and resources to make future plans to work on innovative projects.

The general objective of the RAINOVA project is to promote innovation systems for the regions represented by project members. In order to reach this objective, firstly, the role carried out by educational institutions in the innovation system must be analysed, especially those that work in the field of vocational training.

Studying different regional innovation systems is one of the project’s objectives, paying special heed to relationships between different players and how they participate in the innovation process.

After analysing different innovation systems at a regional level, the project undertakes the challenge of proposing an innovation management model that may be used by any of the players in said systems, making the necessary adaptations. All the aforementioned creates a shared vision of the innovation process in regards to regional systems and organisations.

Finally, the management model is piloted at few organisations – Vocational training organisations, companies and research organisations.

Results from regional studies and the innovation management model pilot provides for project members to propose initiatives for their respective systems. The proposal is to create a network of regional innovation systems and to promote their development and evolution.