Acquire knowledge in the field of offshore renewable energy, with the aim of defining the skills it will require.

This project belongs to: Technological innovation and intelligent systems

There is a rising trend in wind power capacity installed in Europe, which is expected to grow from 129 GW in 2014, to around 320 GW in 2030 (a very significant increase in the marine environment).

Offshore Wind Energy is much more productive than onshore wind farms , since the frequency of offshore wind usually increases by 40%, as well as being much more regular than on land. The vast majority of offshore wind farms are currently concentrated in northern Europe, owing to the fact that it is one the few places where the continental shelf extends so many kilometres offshore, making the waters shallow and making it possible to lay the installations on the seabed.

Large energy companies are committed to the development of floating platforms (still in an experimental phase) which will allow the expansion of offshore wind power to the rest of the world and at greater distances from the coast, thus increasing the likelihood and wind speed and therefore the efficiency of wind turbines. Not surprisingly, 80% of wind resources in Europe are located at depths greater than 60 meters.

Due to the high demand for qualified personnel expected in Offshore wind farms, the aim of this Project, in collaboration with companies from the environment, is the active participation in all stages of the value chain, thus acquiring specific knowledge. The aim is to provide comprehensive training in the field of offshore renewable energy, thus offering a comprehensive range, based on real, current needs to enable work experience in actual facilities, certified by European bodies.

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