This project belongs to: Internationalisation

At the Internationalisation Area within the scope of Vocational Training, we manage mobility projects for Tknika staff, as well as for vocational training teachers who collaborate in our projects.

One of Tknika’s main objectives is to bridge the skill-set gap from when an idea or technology emerges to when society can take advantage of it. Monitoring plays a key role to this end: observing what is happening, what innovations are emerging all over the world. In this way, we can analyse and select the innovation projects to be worked on at Tknika, develop them, and transfer the knowledge acquired to teachers, so that they can transfer them to students, and so that the student can apply them at small and medium-sized companies.

Mobility projects play a critical role in our monitoring. Thanks to these mobility projects, those of us working in different areas of Tknika, and the teachers collaborating with us, can visit other international organisations working on the same areas of interest, thereby creating interesting relationships and communication channels, keeping us at the cutting edge.


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