The Machine Tool Alliance for Skills

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The purpose of the MachinE Tool Alliance for Skills (METALS) is to provide the industry with the entrepreneurial competences that emerging technologies will require.

The alliance is an association including CECIMO, The European Association of the Machine Tooling Industries, and its national associations, some VT providers, research institutes and governance entities from Germany, Spain and Italy.

Firstly, partners will analyse up-and-coming technologies in the industry, and draw up the competences in machine tooling industries in Europe, aiming to detect current and future needs for entrepreneurial competences in four key areas, to wit: design, assembly, production and maintenance.

Working together, based on the competence needs identified, and in line with ECVET’s principles, association members will design a Leve-5 European Qualifications Framework curriculum, as well as some materials available for public use with an e-learning platform.

The training programme will be integrated into VT provider and machine-tooling construction learning programmes throughout all of Europe. It will make it easier to update skills for vocational training students, for employees in the machine-tooling industries, for under-qualified adults and for the unemployed.

The knowledge gleaned through the online learning programme will then be transformed into skills and competences, thanks to the task-based learning process carried out at machine-tooling companies.

With the METALS Project, we will be able to:

  • Improve information on the job market, bringing partners from the educational world and from industry together.
  • Increase the efficacy of the curricula offered in the sector.
  • Help the sector to meets its competence needs.
  • Give ideas to public authorities in order to design and implement policies that drive competitiveness in the sector and employability of workers.

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