One can’t change by doing doing the same things over and over again. One can’t adapt to change without moving forward.

This project belongs to: Learning and high perfomance

The workspaces are much more than mere walls that make up a classroom.

Today, the needs of our companies have changed.

A good professional is not the one who has knowledge but it is the one who uses this knowledge to provide efficient solutions.

In an advanced society, we need people and professionals who are INTELLIGENT.

In this scenario, teaching methodologies must invariably be changed. Knowledge is important but its added value lies in the acquisition of skills. Today we speak of Collaborative Challenge-based learning.

Collaborative learning must integrate a work process with spaces which can accommodate them. The workspaces are much more than mere walls that make up a classroom. They are comfortable, flexible spaces with great acoustics and flexible connections. Spaces that facilitate the use of ICT and where the walls can be painted on.

THE INFORMATION SPACE. Is a space for finding information. Reading, video conferencing, multimedia display,… The objective: to create a classroom rich in information resources.

THE ANALYTICAL SPACE. It is the place to review and analyze. To Discuss. To take decisions.

THE CREATIVE SPACE. Drawing, modelling, sketching, kits. This space needs to be suitable for the generation of ideas.

THE CONSTRUCTION SPACE. Space designed for the prototyping of ideas.

EXECUTION SPACE. The place to build the final product.

THE LEISURE AREA. As essential as all the other spaces. Required in order to create a relaxed atmosphere where students can disconnect from previous emotional states, and then return to the task at hand with the right frame of mind.

By using these spaces, we can ANALYSE the challenge, UNDERSTAND, INTERPRET and SYNTHESIZE all the information and TRANSMIT the knowledge created to ASSESS and DECIDE on an agreed solution.