VET Schools as Entrepreneurial Hubs

This project belongs to: Internationalisation


IncuVET is a project made up of a transnational consortium with eight organisations from Spain, Belgium, Finland, Estonia and Greece.

The IncuVET project revolves around the idea of improving our understanding of entrepreneurial activity and support in creating companies in VT through a centre focus. In this regard, IncuVET proposes identifying basic elements to configure a comprehensive system to support entrepreneurial activity at a VT centre, using existing initiatives as a reference that have been put into practise both by consortium partners and by other institutions. The project provides for collecting all of these initiatives, which acts to drive the debate, and finally, to adopt some of said initiatives.

IncuVET aims to support and promote the role of VT centres as local and regional entrepreneurial hubs, going beyond traditional support for company creation. VT centres can lead a collaborative process for change, where local authorities, companies, entrepreneurs, teachers and students join forces to learn from each other and better promote entrepreneurial activity in vocational training, creating a positive impact both at the centre and for its students and in the surrounding environment.

IncuVET’s main tool is making four thematic studio visits, in territories that stand out for different facets of encouraging entrepreneurial activity in VT. This mobility not only encourages an exchange of knowledge, but also creates synergies and opportunities to cooperate all over Europe.