Employer-Led Vocational Education and Training in Europe

This project belongs to: Internationalisation

Employer-Led Vocational Education and Training in Europe (ELVETE) is a network with 12 European partners. The objective is to improve vocational education and training, focusing more on transferring the skills required by employers from students who graduate during the 14-19 age range.

This network brings together good practises found in participating countries, as well as national and European policy frameworks and proof of employer-led curricular developments. With this method, a quality assurance system can be designed (through company leadership) to carry out vocational training for youth aged 14-19 years. The system provides a standardised guide for companies to participate in developing curriculum, thereby providing for variations in different countries, like national qualifications frameworks in regards to the European Qualifications Framework.

Within the ELVETE network, we have identified a problem in the current vocational training system: On one hand, a misalignment between the qualifications required by employers, or the demand for vocational education and training (VET), and on the other, the education offered by VET suppliers.

We introduce the solution in four stages:

  • To identify cases with good practises, where business leaders and VET suppliers work together to help students to graduate with the right knowledge to access the job market.
  • To use this information to create guidelines to draw up a curriculum with ICTs and suggestions on how other people can create their own curriculum.
  • To test our suggestions with VET students at HTL Mödling and Walsall College.
  • To use VET student feedback to report our final recommendations to policy makers.

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