Integration of new Automotive technologies in VET.

This project belongs to: Technological innovation and intelligent systems

Technological changes in the automotive industry are taking place at breakneck speed. New and innovative technologies are being constantly developed, mainly in order to meet consumer needs and the legal governmental requirements. These technological needs basically respond to two types of needs. The first one involves the manufacture of increasingly more sustainable and energy-efficient vehicles, and the second the manufacture of safer vehicles from a dynamic point of view.

These changes require very rapid upskilling, both for Vocational Training teachers and within the industry itself, due to the constant need to acquire new skills in order to remain key players in this market. And it is here where the network of Automotive Vocational Training centres plays a central role, particularly as a very valid agent for the transfer of these new technologies.

The objectives established for this project involve the detection, domination and development of these new technologies, ensuring their arrival at our network of schools (teachers and students) as soon as possible, to be then able to meet the needs of the automotive sector in the Basque Country, both in the component manufacturing sector and the After-sales service sector, with particular emphasis on responding to the needs of SMEs, above all.

We are working with four main lines in order to achieve the objectives for this project:

  • Development and research in the field of new technologies applied to Automation (materials, technologies, etc)
  • Ensure the training and upskilling of teachers in our network of Automation centres.
  • Transfer of new automotive technologies to the automation industry in the Basque Country (manufacturing and after-sales sector).
  • Trends and supervision. Working on projects, services, training and relationships with other institutions (universities, technological centres, local governments, companies, etc)

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