MYW Short term joint training event in karviná, Czech Republic

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The short-term joint staff training event was held at Business Gate in Karviná. Marek from Rpic was the coordinator of the training event and he was responsible for taking us to the visits of the different fab labs and schools. We visited the technical school of Karviná of mechatronics and mechanics.

We fulfilled a diagnosis sheet where there were some competency requirements for entrepreneurship. The aim of this diagnostic sheet was to know how we analyze ourselves in terms of creativity, bringing ideas to life, personality or our abilities to take risks, among others. At Business Gate, we mainly carried on interactive teamwork activities. For example, we played a hands-on game in which we had to go through a sheet of paper just using our creativity… what a challenging game!

We were also introduced to customer orientation activities. The idea was to make a collage for a customer. We were divided into three groups and started cutting different pictures from different magazines. The coordinator took the role of a customer and he ended up choosing the best collage. Another customer orientation activity consisted on looking for a shopping cart key design so that we could print it on a 3D printing.

We also discussed about how we were going to elaborate the manual for the project and they showed us how they deal with virtual reality. We determined that we were going to distinguish between hard skills and soft skills and that hard skills would be the following: cad design-3D scanning and 3D printing, basic electronics-arduino, arts and crafts.

During the next two days we went to Ostrava and we visited a startup called Invent Medical where they manufacture specially head prosthesis for babies. They showed us their software lab, the 3d scanning and printing labs, and the design lab. We also visited another startup called Idea Hub which was leaded by only 4 people. They dealt with laser cutting, wood, mechanics and mechatronics. This  startup’s main objective is to involve students. Finally, the last day we visited a fab lab which was located in an old steam mill. This fab lab was called Fajna Dilna. They worked with fabrics, ceramic and wood.

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