Entrepreneurship award for best women-led company

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The Urratsbat program rewards entrepreneurship with five awards to companies created every year. One of these awards is for the best company led by women, and in this last edition it has been won by Iraia, from Barrutia Optika. Here is a summary of its history:

Barrutia is an Optics and Audioprosthetics center located in Elgoibar. The business is located in the same premises where my parents historically had their business, so for me the location has a special feeling and attachment. If my parents closed the shutter of their business on December 15, 15 years later I opened on December 16. This, even if only symbolically, means a lot. It makes me feel happy and at ease. Through this business I wanted to make possible not only my personal and professional fulfillment, but also my small contribution to my town. I want to offer professionalism, quality and professional and individual attention. Indirectly, I also wanted to show that entrepreneurship and women are compatible. I have a daughter and it is important for me to be able to offer her the best possible example. A desire to work, strength, courage and professionalism.

I also think it is important that the concept of “from the people for the people” is taken as a basis. We participate in local activities and initiatives. I am a member of Txankakua, the town’s commercial association, and I try to participate with the different local associations. Come and meet us!

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