Creativity course piloting


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Creative Engine pilot lectures to engineering students took place in the month of November 2020 in the Basque Country. Three colleges took part in the pilot lectures, CIFP Politécnico Easo LHII, AEG donostia and Zabalburu ikastetxea. The lecture was delivered face to face by the creativity team teachers, who had previously been introduced to the course.

A relatively broad range of topics was covered from both Learning Units developed, Creativity and Idea Management (LU1) and Innovation Culture (LU2). They also presented moodle platform where the course is hosted. Activities were tested with the students and feedback was collected through a short questionnaire and conversation after the session.

57 students participated in the piloting sessions.

The topics and activities covered during the pilot lecture aimed to provide learners with little to nonformal knowledge about Innovation and Creativity with an overview of these skills. The following matters were explored:

·         Creativity and Idea Management, supported by case study discussion, activities, and video.

·         Innovation Culture supported by case study discussion and a podcast as example “Facing COVID-19”.

The choice to trial these materials reflected the need to assess the students’ reactions to the different interactive elements that will exist in each Creative Engine learning unit. Hence, we selected one game-based activity, one interactive case study and one podcast.

Overall the pilot class was a positive experience from the point of view of lecturers and students alike, presenting plenty of constructive feedback and lessons learnt that will help make the Creative Engine materials even better.

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