CE Teacher training piloting

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The Teacher Training Programme (TTP) Pilot was run from the beginning of May until 26 May 2021, in the Basque Country, Belgium and the UK. The focus was to gain feedback from participating teachers and lecturers on what they thought of the Teaching Training Materials and whether, overall, did they feel they were suitable to support the Teaching and Learning activities in association with teaching the Creative Engine Student Course.

The feedback was capture through a questionnaire of 10 assessment questions, as well as an overall field in the questionnaire requesting comments. The questions were of a Yes/No nature, with further information sought from a ‘No’ response.

We had a pre and post meeting following the running of the pilot. Overall, the comments made during that meeting were complementary and positive, however, there were a few respondents who 5 of 5 claimed that the balance of indepthness of explanation of all the pedagogies was not equal.
Some pedagogies like cooperation and collaboration were explained in greater detail. The comment was countered by the response that more investigation into the sign posting of the pedagogies was normal teaching practice to prepare for delivery, together with the fact that the videos and posters in Unit 6 gave good use cases and examples, underpinning these pedagogies, and filling any perceived gaps.

The course objectives are fulfilled according to participants. Course objectives:

  • Support VET teachers to understand the fundamentals of creativity and innovation and the value to the engineering discipline;
  • Develop VET teacher’s competences and pedagogical approaches to ensure the effective delivery of the Creative Engine modular training course (e.g. project-based learning, flipped classroom approaches);
  • Inspire VET teachers to incorporate cross-disciplinary teaching and learning curriculum and approaches in their engineering courses in order to nurture student’s creativity and innovation knowledge and skills.