Bridges 5.0 at the 2024 Hannover Messe

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The European Commission promotes its activities during the biggest technology fair in the world, the Hannover Messe, known for the launch of the Industrie 4.0-policy at the European level in 2013.

Each Messe represents the state of the art in major technologies, and the Commission demonstrates progress within several selected projects. This year, Bridges 5.0 had the honour of sharing its perspective with delegates at the Messe. Karina Maldano-Mariscal (TU Dortmund) presented Bridges 5.0’s aims, achievements and aspirations, whilst Steven Dhondt (TNO) discussed complementary perspectives from the Horizon UpSkill and Seismec projects. Insights into these key projects, all of which have a strong focus on human centricity, brought some balance in this mostly technology-minded environment.

Photo Copyright – Bocheinski (European Commission)

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