3rd Meeting with MYW

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17th-18th February 2020

The 3rd meeting was held in Tknika, Errenteria, Gipuzkoa.

The meeting started with the project management and coordination. We spoke about the overall status of the project. The Intellectual Output 1 had a very particular space at the meeting since we have fully completed it.

We brought up some conclusions and opinions about the Short-term joint staff training event that took place in Karviná last October and we linked it with the Intellectual Output 2 which consists of creating a toolkit of learning materials.

This toolkit was presented to all partners and we discussed the technical skills and particularly how we were going to implement the exercises with VET students. The piloting was a key aspect to talk about in this meeting and it was agreed to do this piloting before June.

Moreover, Intellectual Output 3 was presented. This output is about developing a roadmap and a guide for mentoring talent. We ended up the first day of the meeting by giving some details on the multiplier event that should take place in each of the partner countries before May.

The second day was devoted to communication and dissemination and to the quality and evaluation of the project in which all partners took an active role. We continued the day with a visit to the facilities of Tknika with special attention to the area of Ikaslab and in the afternoon, we visited another fab lab called Hirikilabs which is located inside the Tabakalera building in the city of San Sebastian.

Without further ado, we ended 3rd transnational meeting and we said goodbye until the next transnational meeting which will take place in Ostrava, Czech Republic the 21st and 22nd September.

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