SDG4BIZ 2ª Seminar in Metropolia Campus, Vantaa

 In Internationalisation

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Tknika joined the SDG4BIZ 2nd international seminar in the Metropolia campus in Finland on November 15th.

How small changes can drive a major change was the motto of the conference, and thus we learned how the SDG4BIZ course has impacted the business curriculum from Anne Perkiö, as well as the added value of sustainability to the companies from Heidi Melkas.

The second part of the conference focused on presenting the SDG4BIZ results, such as the course, and the SDG4BIZ book, where there are several interesting articles on the sustainability and business creation topic. The panel session gave an insight into the course international co-creation and what we’ve learned in this process.

You can watch the seminar at this LINK

Seminar agenda:

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