Shippable equipment. After making the request, the equipment will be shipped to the user's facilities, where he will be able to use it freely in the agreed period.


Not available

Laptop. BLK360 is a compact imaging laser scanner that uses a 360 ° laser rangefinder and high definition panoramic imaging to create 3D point clouds, with a maximum range of 60 meters.

One-button automatic operation. Its small size allows you to take it anywhere. Rechargeable Li-ion battery with secure data transfer over WiFi. Complete a scan in minutes.

Guides and applications 6 GB

Different examples 4 GB

In the briefcase there are the following items:

Laser scanner
3 batteries and charger
Tablet: Each center will be in charge of storing the different scan files that the tablet may contain. Tknika or the next tenant may delete the files generated in previous rentals.


Specific criteria for using this equipment:

Have taken any of the courses on this equipment. You must follow the instructions indicated in the guide. Although the equipment is fragile due to any blow, it is not necessary to apply any extraordinary measure for transport, it is inside a suitcase of approximate dimensions 60x30x40 cm.

The equipment is at TKNIKA. It will be necessary for a member of the center to collect and deliver the equipment, avoiding couriers due to their fragility. After making the request, the tenant can collect the equipment.

Temporary rental criteria:

The rental start date will begin on Monday of one week and it will end on Friday of the following week (2 weeks). The collection and delivery will take place within the aforementioned days.
If someone has the equipment rented, and on the eve of the delivery day (Thursday) the renter sees that there is no equipment rental expected for the following week, they can extend the rental for a maximum of two weeks following the same procedure above.

Person in charge:

Dynamiser of the biosciences and sustainability area
Gorka Gaztelumendi Garaikoetxea
943 08 29 00

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Equipment loan request

To use this service, the centre must have signed the contract commitment. Each request must be approved by the person appointed as the centre responsible for that contract.